Monday, June 23, 2008

Wonder of Vegetables

A fun excerpt from the story “Covered Bridges”, which is a part of “Homeland and Other Stories” by Barbara Kingsolver:

“Our courtship was very much a vegetable affair. By way of thanks I invited her to see my garden, and to my amazement she accepted. She had never grown vegetables herself, she said, and it impressed her to see familiar foods like cabbages rooted to the earth. I showed her how Brussels sprouts grow, attached along the fat main stem like so many suckling pigs. She seemed to need to take in the textures of things, brushing her hands across velvety petals, even rubbing my shirt sleeve absently between her thumb and forefinger as if to divine the essence of a botanist.”

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How Great Is Your Reach?

A woman's reach is bounded only by what her mind accepts and her heart allows.

-- Belle S. Spafford

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Two Loves In One

Ok, I've got something to show those of you who read this blog. Go to the link below and take a look at her wall hanging....go as close as you can!

So much fun - combining quilting and books - two loves...


I wish I had more free time to quilt and read...

Good Poetry?

I know some of you are not fond of poetry.

I don't like all of it - only certain pieces. Here's one I came across this past weekend, in the Organic Gardening Haiku contest in 2005. (Ok, so I'm a bit late in reading the magazine.)

First, for those who need reminding, a haiku is
"an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually five, seven, and five syllables respectively; also : a poem in this form usually having a seasonal reference"

Now, enjoy this First Place winner:

The Last Grasshopper

Season ends; legs age.
Friends are gone. Why jump alone?
Accept the cat's paw.
-Lance Williamson
Carlsbad, California
Now that's poetry!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Marathon Swimming

I'm currently reading Barbara Kingsolver's book Homeland and Other Stories. I'm sort of impressed. It is a series of short stories - some I like, some are just "ok". The first one I read I found quite interesting - It is the story of a couple who are in their late 30's, trying to decide whether or not to have a baby.

“Lena’s eyes are a very serious, oceanic shade of blue. “What do you really think?” she asked me.

“Well. I have to admit the idea overwhelms me. To rock the boat, just when I feel like I’ve finally gotten my life arranged the right way.” I considered this. “From what I can tell, it’s not even like rocking the boat. It’s like sinking the boat, and swimming for eighteen years.”